General terms of service

Usage of this website and API is governed by the general Terms and Conditions of Brainware LLC and the additional provisions stated below.

Additional Provisions

Last modified: October 8th, 2016

The webservice / API may only be used to retrieve tidal constants or predictions for individual spatial coordinates on behalf of an end-user.

An app / website must use a single API key: it may not require or allow end-users to use their own API keys.

The copyright message which is embedded in the copyright field of API responses must be reproduced in any site/app using this data. This message may vary depending on the source of the original data.

Alternatively below copyright message may be used which covers all sources if the link to is made accessible/clickable by the end user.

Tidal data retrieved from Copyright © 2014-Wed Aug 23 04:03:04 UTC 2017 Brainware LLC .

Licensed for use of individual spatial coordinates by an end-user.

You may not use this data if anyone or anything could come to harm as a result of using it (e.g. for navigational purposes).

Tidal data is obtained from various sources and is covered in part or whole by various copyrights. For details see:

Paid Services

If you enable billing for paid services, the following additional terms are applicable:

  • You can pay for a certain number of API call in advance (prepaid) or for a monthly amount of calls (subscription).
  • Payments are handled via Fastspring. You also have to agree to the Fastspring terms.
  • The administration of Brainware LLC will be leading in determining the amount of API calls and associated fees. (The amount of API calls and associated fees are retrievable in real time from the website.)