How many credits does a tide prediction cost?

A 7 day high-low tide prediction costs 1 credit. If you want to graph the results, then you need to get the heights. Heights for 7 days every 1/2 hour cost an additional 1 credit. Datums are also available if you need them for 1 additional credit.

You can use the calculator below to calculate how many credits you will need for each API call.

Credit Calculator

extremes, heights, datums, plot, days, samples per hour
Cost in Credits: 1
API Parameters: extremes&length=604800&step=1800

10,000 credits cost from $1 to $5 USD

You receive 100 free credits when you register for our service. Then you can either purchase pre-paid credits or monthly service, and some developers buy both in case they exceed their monthly quota.

You can also monitor your usage from the Overview page. We will notify you via email if your credit is running low.






The webservice / API may only be used to retrieve predictions for individual spatial coordinates on behalf of an end-user. This means that you are NOT allowed to keep a copy of the results and use it multiple users. For example, if you have a web page for a specific location, you must call the API each time a unique user visits this page. In another example, if you have an app that requests tide predictions, you are not allowed to cache the prediction on your server and send it to multiple users of your apps. You are, however, allowed to cache a single prediction for a single user and display it more than once to that user.

The one exception to this rule is the station list. You are premitted to cache the list of stations and share it to multiple users. This is useful when you want to show a map of locations and to help determine if there is a station within range of the user.

Please see the Terms of Serice page for more information.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards through our billing merchant, PayPal